website for a top tier law firm


WordPress, PHP, TypeScript


Liis Todesk (Fraktal) design
Kaisa Tooming (Fraktal) project manager (design)
Lauri Rannu front-end
Hener Hoop back-end
Lauri Kadajane project manager

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Ellex is one of the leading law firms in Estonia and the Baltics, having operated for nearly 30 years. Ellex offers professional legal assistance to companies and organizations in Estonia and internationally. The law firm offers a wide array of services in all the more significant business sectors, including business law, labor law, criminal law and human rights.

Ellex is currently made of three Baltic subsidiaries: Ellex Raidla (Estonia), Ellex Klavins (Latvia) ja Ellex Valiunas (Lithuania).

An example of one of the consultation service pages. Easy to manage and has a good overview!

The Challenge

In 2021 Ellex decided to modernize their website and bring all the subsidiaries on a single platform. Before this each of the Baltic websites had it’s own style and management logic and also didn’t support the business logic of Ellex.

Ellex found their way to us through our good friends at Fraktal design, who helped Ellex with the new design and worked with us directly throughout the development.

Since the law firm operates across the Baltics and having over 200 experts in various legal fields, one of the biggest challenges was to optimize the management and delivery of the catalogue across different languages and regions. Another great challenge was to import the data from the old website. Because the old content had a very different structure from the new website, the data was often arranged randomly and this made the migration process challenging.

It was clear that the new website of Ellex had to have the same structure across all subsidiaries. Quite the challenge indeed!

The expert detail view has good overview of the services, experience, educaton and partnership of the expert.

The Process

To get a clear picture of the WordPress management structure of and to get an overview of all the connections between subsidiaries, we had to literally draw the website on a whiteboard:

  • business sector relation to services;
  • service relation to news and experts;
  • expert relation to everything previous with added work history, experience, education, partership and publications.

The task was very exciting because there are differences between countries that made us really think hard about the flexibility of the solutions.


As a result Ellex now has a state of the art functional website that serves its purpose – it’s user-friendly, attractive and professional. The content of the website is well structured and offers current and valuable information to potential clients and anyone interested, while also being an everyday tool for the experts and support staff of Ellex.