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Web Apps

HTML5, JavaScript, PHP and other modern web tools enable us to come up with technical solutions for all kind of ideas or goals you might have. Small or big. Commercial or corporate.


WordPress is not just for “another blog on the wall”, it can actually be a very powerful tool for content management, which is very friendly towards the end-user. You manage the content of your website, we do the rest.


Together with the client we plan, design and build their minimal viable product (MVP) and let the target audience play around with the interface and functionality. This is how you know how a product should work!

two sidesequally important

Looks are just as important as content and this is why we offer a full package solution. On one side we have gotoAndPlay with an army of developers, on the other there’s NOPE with intuitive design and user experience. Only when working together, the result is the best.


Web development needs quite a bit of work to be functional and fun at the same time. Since we like to work hard and play hard, we can promise you both. See if you can find the Play!


Usability, functionality and visualization are the most important factors in both web design and in client communication. Our collaborating designers keep that in mind.

the journeyin years


gotoAndPlay started on the 5th of September in 2011. Our first office was officially between some garages near Ardo’s home. Our first projects were made with Flash before we moved on to other tools like HTML5 and WebGL. The first year was all about finding our direction in the business. We were trying out several new things to see what works and what doesn’t. For example, Pärt tried out an iMac and switched back to PC shortly after. Our success didn’t elude us for much longer, as we launched our first iPhone app in the App Store and Ardo participated in a project that went to win the Red Dot Award in 2013.

Later we moved to a proper office on Veski street. It had a sauna, a basement play&chill zone and in a lot of ways, it felt more like a normal apartment with some office equipment than an actual office. When we moved out in 2015, a family from Lithuania moved in to live there. The sauna was actually only ever used once.


As the workload became heavier, we added two new team members – Nele and Margus. We also began our cooperation with the Tartu Vocational Education Centre as a base for IT trainees.

Probably the most important project of the year was the beginning of a new start-up, working with Andrei Korobeinik and Teet Kalmus to create BrainPoker, which later on grew into a successful television quiz series that aired in 2016.


2013 brought us new team members Mihkel and Raiko. It was a year of many “firsts” for us. We created a special campaign game in HTML5 that turned out to be a massive success and was played over 100 000 times in total. One player liked it so much that he played it over 1000 times, over 16 hours, just to win the prize. Yes, we like to keep funny stats like that. In 2013 we also managed to sign our first big client, Elion, which these days is known as Telia.

No less of a victory was the fact that we finally got our hands on the play.ee domain. There have been several offers to buy it since.

2013 was also the year when we managed to win the Futsal tournament that was held between IT businesses in Tartu. Pärt decided that coding 24/7 isn’t exciting enough, so he started giving lessons at the Tartu Art College. He also got a cat.


In 2014 we added Lauri to our team. Him joining also marked the beginning of our customer support team.

In the end of 2014 we found that our Veski office was not getting bigger and there was simply no more room to stack developers and we had to move. We found some office space in a new building a few blocks from the Veski office. The new building is the official office of Lemeks, a forest harvesting enterprise. The office is spacious, looks great and has a wonderful view into our neighbour’s huge wild garden with apple trees, berry bushes and local cats.

2014 also marks our first truly international project in Australia. We started experimenting more with a higher level of WebGL and launched some very exciting projects using it.


In 2015 Hener and Andres joined our ranks and we began working on a collaboration with NOPE Creative design agency. Our bigger office needed proper furnishing, so we decided that we need to take it a step further and hired an interior designer. Our office got some very cool furnitures (some costom tailored for us) from talented Estonian designers.

Meanwhile, Mihkel & Pärt started developing Telia’s new front-end framework, Lauri started supporting a project in the USA and Ardo got a cat.

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