how we do things

Just like magic requires magicians, development requires developers. In the jungle of code, this is the group of people with machetes hacking through, trying to reach El Dorado, the legend, the perfect code. You won’t find a group of people as dedicated as these for several meters from our office. Here are some main principles we keep in mind while creating the magic:

  1. for us impossible is possible

    We don't thread to take on projects which, at first, might seem too complex to handle. There is no such thing for us! Actually, when someone says it's impossible, we get inspired and prove otherwise!
  2. we inspire each other

    The background of our team members is various. Our knowledge base and experience is so different that we honestly complete each other. And inspire. Every day!
  3. work hard play hard

    The hard work needs balance and a proper dose of humour. We get them both. We joke and hang around, go to gym together and have fun events. This keeps us going!
  4. we do what we love

    We wouldn't do the projects we do unless we'd like them. So for us, it is important to work only on those things that we truly believe in and make us jump for joy. When there’s passion, there’s work done with the heart and this is the secret to our success!
  5. we like to be curious

    We like asking questions. We want to get at the bottom of the project, understand the business needs and be on the same page with all the parties. Only then we can be sure we move in the right direction.
  6. key to success is quality and efficiency

    We believe quality is everyone's responsibility and efficiency is an important element of work. We value cooperation, effective and thorough work. This way, we can deliver faster and better.

what you get with us

01 exciting projects

We do interesting, challenging and various projects, where you can fulfil your potential. We don’t limit ourselves with one certain tech. stack, we choose the ones best for the project and that excites us the most!

02 people-first mindset

We get along, help out and inspire each other. Having good relationship is one of our main values.

03 flexibility

You can choose your own work time and space, we expect you to be good communicator, be there for the meetings and get-togethers.

04 growth and development

You can and will take control of your professional development. We offer challenging projects, internal and external trainings. You just tell us what excites you the most and what would help you to grow!

05 extra days off

Personal days off from the start of your employment and one extra week off annually after celebrating three years with us (in addition to the regular 28 days off)!

06 team events

We value face-to-face get-togethers. We have regular office days, hold annual winter and summer days, have office parties, and time-time to even travel aboard!

thoughts from our team