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Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Web Development, Project Management


Vladislav Stafinjak developer
Kertu Ilves developer
Raiko Raidma developer
Liis Todesk (Fraktal) designer
Siim Sups project manager

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web development for Esteve


Esteve is a leading port operator company with over 25 years of experience. They operate 24/7 and provide high-quality services at Paldiski South Harbor and Tallinn Old City Harbour. Esteve has been committed to modernization and excellence, and has obtained several ISO certifications for its quality, environmental, and safety management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001).

Did you know that if you could walk on all the quays, your journey would be almost 7 kilometers long? And if you happen to buy a new vessel, the max length to fit it in Paldiski South Harbor would be 250 meters. Additional information can be found on their website.

The about us subpage gives a great overview of the company, their history throughout the years and it also displays the most important information about Esteve's harbors.


Effective information management is essential for Esteve, and to streamline communication about port fees and charges, we developed a port charges calculator. This tool provides an indicative fee estimate based on ship data and can be easily updated through a content management system if fees were to change.

To enhance the user experience, we configured a new panorama to make it easier to discover Paldiski South Harbour. Amazing aerial shots were added to the panorama program, and now you can familiarize yourself with the port before arrival. Plus, there’s also a live stream of Paldiski South Harbour to see what’s happening in real life. Now, the most significant information is for users to see by themselves.

The website also has a panorama view of the Paldiski South Harbour, where it is possible to move around different areas of the harbour and get a good look at what you're getting.


Our design partner Fraktal with the lead designer Liis Todesk delivered a state-of-the-art design with clean lines and easy-to-understand structure. Because modular content management is important to us and worked really well with this design, we could launch the website easily before all the modules and development were done.

Later on, after we got access to the expected vessels’ data, we added a new information block. Now, users can explore the arriving ships’ data without leaving Esteve’s homepage.

Furthermore, in the middle of the work progress, the client approached us with the new idea to add additional functionality to the tax calculator. Currently, they have to manually add the ships’ data in Excel and then export a PDF for their clients. Now it is not needed anymore. When you enter all the information necessary for the calculator, you can download a PDF. There you can see all the different port charge categories separately with the data that was entered.

The iterative development process resulted in a user-friendly website that meets clients’ needs and expectations. The process itself was really enjoyable and led to a great result.

The PDA calculator allows the client to estimate possible port charges based on indicators like vessel type, GRT, and beam.


  • New Esteve’s website is tailored to the users’ needs and our client’s wishes. Now the most asked questions are answered right on the website and there is no need to call the Port Manager. But if you do need to have a call with anyone from the Paldiski South Harbour employees, you can still find all the contacts under the team page.
  • The website is easily customizable and manageable for Esteve’s upcoming and new information. And as we have tested it already out, all the future needs can be seamlessly covered with a modular development approach.
  • A port charges calculator, which provides an indicative fee estimate based on ship data and can be easily updated through a content management system if fees were to change.