heating up the web with a new site


WordPress, PHP, TypeScript, Data Analysis, Web Development


Hannes Juurma developer
Hener Hoop developer
Keijo Kraus (Velvet) designer
Lauri Kadajane project manager

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the background

HUUM, an Estonian sauna heater manufacturer, is known for producing innovative and high-quality products that cater to both seasoned sauna enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of sauna bathing. As a true pioneer in sauna heater manufacturing, HUUM needed a website that could reflect their brand values – and that’s where we came into the picture!

The new HUUM website is a valuable resource for anyone interested in sauna culture – it offers a wide range of tools, resources, and products that cater to the needs of all sauna lovers. Their unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology, exceptional craftsmanship, and environmental consciousness makes them an esteemed brand in the sauna industry, and their website is a testament to their devotion to delivering a superior sauna experience.

HUUM’s blog section is a great resource for sauna enthusiasts looking to enhance their sauna experience and overall well-being. Whether you're looking to improve your sauna rituals or simply learn more about sauna culture, HUUM’s blog has something valuable for everyone.

the process

In March 2022, we began working towards a new website for HUUM to replace their outdated and challenging-to-manage old page. The primary goal was to create a user-friendly, multilingual website that simplifies the management of products in different languages based on a consistent framework. The website had to accommodate the specificities of different regions, ensuring that products and other content were tailored to suit each respective area.

The website was created with the design agency Velvet and is built on a WordPress platform. It features a comprehensive product catalog that allows users to browse various HUUM sauna products, including heaters, control panels, stones, and accessories. The website also includes a sauna calculator that helps users determine the appropriate heater size and power output for their sauna based on the room size and other factors. 

Currently, the new website is available in Estonian and English, and the next step is to launch it in the American region (US and Canada). Instead of using WordPress Multisite, a solution was chosen where each language version of the website has its own domain. For example, the Estonian language version uses the .ee domain, and the English version uses the .eu domain. This solution was the most optimal in terms of time and finances and was also easier to manage. 

The HUUM website also provides helpful information and resources on sauna culture and best practices. The blog section has articles on a range of topics related to saunas, from the health benefits of sauna bathing to tips for creating the perfect sauna experience. There is also a section that provides detailed information on sauna building, installation, and maintenance, as well as advice on how to make the most of your sauna sessions. 

Throughout the entire project, the client provided valuable input and was involved in the process. Overall, the collaboration with the client was successful, and the result was a functional and easily manageable website that met HUUM’s desires and requirements. Their new website is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in the sauna culture.

The "Products" page on HUUM's website is an extensive and visually appealing display of their diverse range of modern and stylish sauna heaters, stove sets, and accessories.


During the project, the team encountered several challenges in terms of work processes and technical aspects. One of the most significant obstacles was the change of the Project Manager from HUUM’s side in the middle of the project. This required a reorganization of work processes to ensure that the project continued smoothly without any interruptions, also the new Project Manager had to learn all about the project’s history and work processes. To overcome this challenge, it was essential to involve all stakeholders in the project and gather all available information about it. This included retrieving previous agreements and ensuring that all parties were satisfied with how the project had progressed so far. 

In terms of technical challenges, one of the major obstacles was analyzing the structure of products and their sub-products and developing management logic to meet the website’s requirements. Another challenge was creating a sauna calculator that would allow customers to find a suitable sauna solution based on various parameters. This required taking various factors into account, such as sauna dimensions, uninsulated walls, glass door selection, sauna type, and heater location. To ensure accuracy and ease of use, it was crucial to provide customers with clear and understandable information. As a result, the customer receives a downloadable PDF that contains all the necessary information, making it easy for them to purchase the appropriate sauna solution from even the reseller. 

The sauna calculator is a tool that helps users determine the appropriate sauna heater and the amount of stones needed based on the size of their sauna room and personal preferences. It takes into account factors such as insulation, room material, and desired temperature range to provide accurate recommendations.


  • A new user-friendly, multilingual website for HUUM was created to present their high-quality and innovative sauna products to all sauna enthusiasts.
  • A comprehensive product catalog and a sauna calculator to help users choose the perfect sauna solution for their space and needs.
  • The website provides information and resources on sauna culture and best practices.