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Location: Tartu
Workload: full-time but flexible, 8 weeks during summer months, school required internships are welcome
Application deadline: March 31st, 2024

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Hi there! I’m Vladislav (but everyone calls me Vlad) and I’ve worked at gotoAndPlay for over six years now as a Full Stack Developer.
My journey in the company started as a web development intern. At the end of the internship, I was offered a job and of course, I took it!
Throughout my internship, I did a lot of different front and back-end tasks which went through a strict and wise code review by my mentor. Thanks to this feedback I realised how important are rules and style in writing professional code. The unified and agreed framework helps you write clear and neat code.
The internship allowed me to apply all the knowledge learned at school and in addition, I got to know the best practices of programming, which you can learn only by training and with real work experience. All Senior Developers shared their knowledge and we discussed several topics, which made me feel my opinion and ideas were taken into account while developing different company processes.
The gotoAndPlay team is very supportive and positive. Several of my teammates have become my good friends and we often do something together after working hours. Of course, the cozy office is also a great bonus working at the company.
When you join us for the internship, I encourage you to ask and learn as much as possible! The greater your interest in the work, the more you’ll enjoy it and the more opportunities you’ll have! Of course, next to all of it, don’t forget the great company and wonderful team events!
If you are ambitious and get inspired by web development, apply for the summer internship at gotoAndPlay! 
Looking for a web development intern at gotoAndPlay.

What will You learn as a web development intern?

  • what a job in a web development agency looks like.
  • different work processes and methodologies, but on the way you can choose what you want to focus on. Your internship – your choice!
  • you’ll contribute to the web development projects the company has to deliver.
  • you’ll get more skills and experience in web development.
  • you’ll be part of our team, meaning you can join all the team-building events and other happenings at the company during your time with us!

What ARE you expected to know?

  • you should have a deep interest and will to work in the web development field.
  • you have learned or at least know at a beginner level a few of the following coding tools:  JavaScript/Typescript, HTML5, SCSS, PHP, MySQL, Ajax, and React.js.
  • you are more than welcome to share some example work you’ve done in web development (if you have any).
  • you may get a chance to solve homework and be ready for that in the application process.
Otsime veebiarenduse praktikante gotoAndPlay's.
Looking for a Technical Support Specialist.

What else?

  • you will be working with real projects in real project teams.
  • you will get all the necessary tools you might need and one of the cosiest offices in Tartu.
  • you will be greeted by a friendly and professional team.
  • we are sure by the end of your awesome internship, you have gained a lot of new knowledge and skills in web development.
  • the internship is compensated.

If you feel like we could become friends then send your CV and short introduction letter about why you should become a member of the PLAY team by March 31st! Write to us at .