website and floor guide for the next generation shopping center


HTML & CSS, Typescript/JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, WordPress theme, Project management


Keijo Kraus (Velvet) design
Sander Orav front-end
Pärt Erikson back-end
Daniel Sepp full-stack
Marianne Võime PM
Ege Tarenõmm PO

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The background

In the autumn 2018, a new shopping centre was opened in Tallinn, accompanied by a Ferris wheel with the highest point at 130 metres above the sea level. It is a new transport hub, includes an enormous children’s indoor playground and science center, many shops and restaurants with seven-meter-high ceilings, let alone a cinema and an organic produce market . T1 Mall of Tallinn is a new landmark in the city’s skyline!

The challenge

The goal was to create an impressive new generation shopping centre’s website, with functionalities yet unseen in the local market. In addition, interactive floor plan guide to help the guests of the centre to navigate, provide entertainment and transportation information, was our second, yet not less important, goal within the project.

Designed by Italian architect Antonio Lavieri and built by AS Merko Ehitus Eesti,T1 Mall of Tallinn is Estonia’s first meticulously styled mall for people looking to spend quality time in modern urban space

MVP for opening

Together with the designer from Velvet and product owner from the client side we started off with MVP-s for both projects as the timeline was tight – from 0 to launch there was just under 8 weeks. For the opening, in November 2018, we had created functional and great looking website, both desktop and mobile, together with the touch screen floor plan guide.

Continuous process of improvements

In the following months, we added several functionalities and improvements, and now, for example, any website visitor or centre’s guest can get info about the cinema agenda, public transportation arrivals and departures, look up stores and services by brands and much more.

You can search and browse across 200 renters by category or brand.
Each store in the centre has their own landing page that they can maintain their own by having corresponding privileges.
Parking with no hassle! Check in advance, how many free spots each car park has and which ones are the closest to your desired destination.
Centre considers sustainability in many ways. For example, supporting use of public transport to get to and from there.
shop by brand

Browse, search and learn all the brands the centre’s different shops & restaurants offer with ease.

smart search

Search by keywords written in the website is not enough in this case. Each renter can curate their own shop search index. For example, you can search by the keywords – bow tie, for example – to find the stores that sell them.


Get info about all the events, happenings, concerts, exhibitions, etc. taking place in the centre from the web and the floor plan.

content management for renters

With more than 200 renters, the page has a unique possibility for each renter to have an opportunity to curate their own page content (with moderation process, of course): spacial deals, discounts and news are constantly available in T1 Mall of Tallinn. All listed on the website and the floor guide.

how to get there

Together with the Google Map integration and separate public transportation view (departure times of tram, bus, train nearby) the solutions provide you easy access and all the info you need to get to and from the T1 Mall of Tallinn.

parking with no hassle

Coming by car? No problem. Check in advance, how many free spots each car park has and which ones are the closest to your desired destination.

from A to B

The floor plan gives you a great guidance how to get from point A to point B. Open up the map or search the desired shop/restaurant and click to show the route.

And this project goes on…

As with all great projects, they never end! The concept of T1 Mall of Tallinn is futuristic, thus we are sure many new and yet unseen functionalities will be added to the project.