Build your garden in 3D space


HTML & CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Project management, Business Analysis


Nele Erikson (NOPE) design
Ardo Aednik front-end
Pärt Erikson back-end
Kristel-Maria Kadajane PM

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The background

Palmako is the leading manufacturer and exporter of garden houses made of quality Nordic timber in Estonia, promoting environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle.

One of their product categories is modular elements from which it is possible to build a garden that can be completed by adding large modules with different use purpose.

The challenge

Streamline the first steps for ordering a garden. Make it possible to create cost estimation without having deep knowledge of autocad. Since all the products consist of base components (e.g. 48 planks, 4 special fastening elements, 96 screws) that have a price tag, we need to take into account how products are built up.

The garden you have just built ends up as a price quote you can base your order on. Simple!

The process

Quite frankly we had no idea how to solve the problem at first, but that’s one of the key components of an awesome project. We started to investigate the possibilities of WebGL technology and how autocad drawings are built up.

In the process of 2 months we were able to create really simple version of the end product and learned couple of things.

First, it became apparent that autocad drawings are too detailed – lots of screws, bolts and other unnecessary elements for a visual builder. We needed an automatic process of simplifying to make it feasible for a web app that might run on a mediocre computer. We were told that is is not that simple, however together with some 3D specialist we found a way to make it exportable semi-automatically.

Secondly, there is a learning curve for using the application without having prior experience with 3D space applications. We needed to make it a bit simpler to use – no need for fancy experience for changing the perspective and environments – just simple rotation and change of angle.

Build your garden and save it for later. Or share it with others for feedback.


Using WebGL technology, we created a simplified version of the Sims game that runs right in your browser. You are able to build your dream garden and make a first step for ordering it to your doorstep.

You can decide yourself if it is a feasible way to order your next garden via an online calculator.