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Location: Tallinn
Workload: full time, flexible work-time
Deadline: ASAP

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Get to know us

Hi there! I’m Lauri and I’ve worked at gotoAndPlay for 6 years now and I believe I’ve figured out how it functions. Over the years we’ve gained a lot of new people and lost a few along the way, but the heart of gotoAndPlay has always managed to stay the same.

gotoAndPlay has always stood out to me as something slightly odd. It somehow manages to bring the best kind of quality along with the best kind of attitude.

I think the main reason for that is we focus on choosing the sort of ventures we bring in. I like that we have projects that tickle our curiosity and are fun to work on, sometimes because it’s an interesting subject or a new bit of technology, other times it just has a really cool visual style.

Our clients often search for solutions to their business problems – either they are launching a new product or service, they need sales growth, digitization or they are looking to improve their work processes. Ready-to-use dev solutions and plugins are nice and useful, but they often fail to help you reach the perfect solution. We want to solve clients’ problems without cutting corners and we like using WordPress to accomplice that (although not only WordPress).

For us, WordPress is not “Just another WordPress site”. It has a very simple, but flexible admin side which for us is the main reason we use it. All the rest is custom-built. Whether it’s a simple website, e-shop or e-business, we make it fast as lightning and easiest to use for the client.

In general, projects in our team last for about 4-12 weeks (commonly in 1-2 week sprints). However, the developers are often involved in projects all the way from the design step. This way they can think along and share their knowledge from the beginning and we can make sure the projects succeed.

After the analysis and design steps are successfully confirmed, the development begins. In this step, development and testing are equally important, just like when you have to follow the map during a treasure hunt. Only after carefully tested and crafted, we deliver the product to the end-users. After that, we gather data, make summaries and start to plan a new launch! Throughout the project we work together as a team.

Some the examples of our projects are found on our website, but I’d happily mention some interesting recent projects as well: Ellex website, Softrend e-shop, Pactum website, Elektriteater, Endover Real Estate websites, and many more.

We believe that the best way to get better at what we do as a collective is to share our personal knowledge with each other. We have a rigorous code review process in place where before a solution hits production another developer reviews it. This helps us see things from another perspective and that way we can constantly evolve, share knowledge, bounce ideas and brainstorm solutions. In a way, we are like mentors to each other.

Although our projects are very different and are custom-built to the specific needs of each client, WordPress has a lot of peculiarities, fixed architecture and specific know-how – thus, we are looking for you, a developer with WordPress experience to jump on board!

Your daily tasks:

    • Developing projects, instructing and consulting the team on WordPress, it’s themes & plugins
    • Thinking along and making suggestions in gotoAndPlay’s general approach to WordPress projects (developing the base project)
    • Sometimes participating in other PHP-based projects (mainly Laravel)
  • Analyzing and documenting technical solutions

desired skills and experience

    • At least 3 years of previous experience with WordPress development, you know its strengths and weaknesses
    • Strong skill in PHP
    • Good understanding and skill to use front-end technologies, including HTML, CSS (SASS), JavaScript and Typescript
    • Knowledge about how APIs work
    • Be familiar with git and versioning (branching, pull requests, you name it)
    • Very fluent English, Estonian is big bonus
    • Team-player and results-oriented attitude
  • Bonus: previous experience with CI/CD, Docker and automated testing

We offer you

  • To work in one of the best (according to our clients) web development agencies in Estonia!
  • Great opportunity for self-development, interesting projects and cooperations with different clients and partners all over the world
  • Quite possibly the friendliest team you’ve ever worked with
  • A competitive salary, which will improve with experience and skill
  • Flexible work time and location, enriched with different virtual and non-virtual team events
  • And if you are up for it, we are expanding our office space to Tallinn, you are welcome to help our Tallinn office to become as cozy as Tartu’s!
  • Occasional Tartu office visits are a must – there, you’ll meet out office cat (and dog, they switch places day to day), can play ping-pong and meet the rest of the team!