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Location: Tartu
Workload: part-time or full-time, we are flexible
Deadline: ASAP

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Get to know us

Hi there! I’m Lauri and I’ve worked at gotoAndPlay for six years now. I think I’ve finally mostly figured out how it functions. Over the years we’ve gained a lot of new people and lost a few along the way, but the heart of gotoAndPlay has always managed to stay the same.

gotoAndPlay has always stood out to me as something slightly odd. It somehow manages to bring the best kind of quality along with the best kind of attitude.

I think the main reason for that is the fact that we focus on choosing the sort of ventures we bring in. I like that we have projects that tickle our curiosity and are fun to work on, sometimes because it’s an interesting subject or a new bit of technology, sometimes it’s just a really cool design.

Thanks to the general positive attitude and excellent work quality we’ve met and worked with a lot of great people. We often work with some of the best professionals in the business, which has meant that we’ve always had a few projects in the running for various awards, but it also means that we’ve had a chance to work on some awesome ideas.

As much as we have the time, we also constantly evolve our own tools in order to improve on the quality of our work and make our own lives easier as a result. Sometimes, to enhance the final result you must reinforce your roots. Sadly, it’s often difficult to find time to work on our own in-house tasks because there’s a lot of work to do.

gotoAndPlay is ever growing and we are always looking for new talent, so if you are up for a challenge – we’d love you to get in touch!


  • Keeping up with the ever-evolving world of web and technologies related to development.
  • Honesty. Please let us know if you have trouble with a task or need help moving some furniture.
  • Being a part of the group. Because being left out sucks.
  • We don’t settle for “just okay” and neither should you.
  • Writing some sweet, beautiful code that would make even the toughest project manager blush.

desired skill and experience

  • The will to learn and improve.
  • At least 3 years of working experience in the field.
  • Thorough knowledge of HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript/TypeScript, BEM, OOP and other important acronyms.
  • Knowledge how APIs work.
  • Be familiar with git and versioning (branching, pull requests, you name it)

bonus points:

  • Quite cool if you know how to work with React.js
  • Very useful if you are comfortable with PHP
  • Absolutely stellar if you know your way around automated testing.

We offer you

  • To work in the best (and only) web development agencies in South Estonia!
  • We work with awesome clients, like Telia, Softrend, Peetri Pizza, MyFinancier and many-many others
  • Quite possibly the friendliest team you’ve worked with
  • A competitive amount of income, which will improve with experience and skill.
  • Working from home is cool at times, but we’re quite sure our comfy office and good company will make you want to work here.
  • Triangle desks, yellowish-green chairs and as many monitors as you require.
  • Support for your hobbies and sporty activities in exchange for social media presence. Just ask.
  • Snacks and lots of cake days. Wait, when’s your birthday again? We’re mostly good for December, but we’ll hear you out.
  • The occasional office party, team event or field trip, separate from cake days.

If you feel like we could become friends then send your CV and short introduction letter why you should become a member of the PLAY team! Write us at .